I just moved to St. Ann how do is register to vote?
The St. Louis County Election Board maintains over 600 registration sites. These include most city halls, libraries and schools in addition to Special School District facilities, local branches of the JR College Districts, the Univ. of MO-St. Louis, Human Development Corp. and various businesses, union halls and churches.

State election laws also provide for registration by mail, at all motor vehicle registration offices and all state offices providing public assistance. For more information, or for the location of your nearest registration site, call (314) 615-1822.

If there is a legal name change notify the Election Board, either in writing or in person, at any of the registration sites.

Notify the Election Board of any change of address. This may be done in person or at any of of the registration sites.

The Election Board needs your change of address by the 4th Wednesday before an election to ensure that you receive a postcard notification of your polling place and that you are listed in the polling place binder. If you did not notify the Board of Elections Commission of your address change you need to call thier office to determine your new polling place

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