What are some of the most common ordinance violations?

No occupancy permit, construction without a permit, grass and weeds over eight (8) inches high, unlicensed vehicles and trailers, parking on the grass or an unimproved surface, parking of derelict or junk vehicles. Home occupation without proper license, failure to maintain minimum maintenance standards, accumulations of trash, debris and junk; no trash service or having suspended service, improper outside storage, not have a permit for a garage or yard sale and similar infractions. A complete list of ordinances can be researched at City Hall

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1. When is an occupancy permit required?
2. How many people can normally reside in a single-family dwelling?
3. What are the fees for a minimum standards inspection and an occupancy permit? How long are they good for?
4. Do I need an occupancy permit?
5. What types of payment are accepted for occupancy permits?
6. How do I add or remove someone from an occupancy permit?
7. What are some construction examples that require a building permit?
8. Are building permits expensive?
9. What happens if I start a project that requires a permit without first having obtained the permit?
10. What are some of the most common ordinance violations?
11. If I receive an ordinance violation letter from the city and just ignore it will my problems go away?
12. So I get the court summons, now what do I do?
13. I want to work outside using power tools and lawn equipment, are there any noice restrictions?