Attorney Procedures


Due to the changes in Supreme Court Rule 37 and the various statutory changes relating to municipal court procedures, and taking into consideration the issues accompanying the consolidation of municipal courts, the following procedures shall be followed in all cases:

Case information is available through Casenet at: 

 Court information is available at

 General Court Procedures

  • While each of the consolidated courts maintain their own jurisdiction, all correspondence shall be addressed to the Consolidated Municipal Courts location of 10405 St. Charles Rock Rd., St. Ann, MO 63074.  Any correspondence sent directly to the individual city (Charlack, Vinita Park, etc.) will not be received by the court nor entered in the defendant’s file;

Entries, Motions and filings must include Attorney’s Missouri Bar number, the correct City’s name and the defendant’s full name, citation/case number(s), court date, and charge(s), as well as the email address for counsel.

  • OUR LOCATIONS ARE NOW ON THE STATES E-FILING SYSTEM (Do Not mail a hard copy if sent electronically.)
  • When requesting a recommendation, it must be mailed directly to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office separately. 
  • It is counsel’s responsibility to check for the status of a client’s case.  If a case requires a continuance, the Defendant's Attorney must file the motion in a timely manner using E-FILING.  If a case is in warrant status and no motion is filed to set such aside, any recommendation offered by the Prosecuting Attorney will not set the warrant aside automatically, since the Prosecuting Attorney does not have the authority to do so;
  • When a new attorney enters a case, the new attorney will be added as co-counsel.

Continuance Motions Procedures

  • All motions shall be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the court date, unless in an emergency;
  • If an emergency, sufficient information shall be pled in the motion to justify the continuance;
  • If not an emergency, sufficient information is also required.  It shall not be grounds to continue a case because the defendant is not in compliance, or does not have the funds to make a payment.  In either case, the defendant shall appear, and then the case may be continued.  In the event that a defendant cannot appear, for sufficient reason, then defense counsel shall appear;
  • All filings shall have the correct Plaintiff, otherwise they will not be considered (State of Missouri is not a correct Plaintiff);
  • Any information regarding the case(s) can be accessed on  Do not call the Court clerks, since they have been instructed to direct you to;
  • All filing shall be submitted in the form of a motion, not a letter, and shall contain a valid return email address for a ruling on the motion (if by mail or in person);
  • The motion shall be signed and dated by the attorney of record, and shall contain a Missouri Bar number;
  • All motions must be filed using E-FILING.  DO NOT mail a hard copy to the court.  
  • Do not call the Court regarding the motion; a response will be sent to you by return email or by mail if originally sent in by that method, which is discouraged, since shortly the only acceptable method of filing will be E-FILING.



Hon. Sean J. O’Hagan MBE# 25893
City of St. Ann, City of Vinita Park, City of Northwoods and City of Charlack


Hon. William G. Buchholz II MBE# 30677
City of Wellston and City of Beverly Hills-Effective May 1, 2017                                                                 Modified 5/3/2019 Per Presiding Judge Order Regarding E-FILING