Message From The Mayor

Dear Friends and Residents,

Summer has arrived!   Over the last year we have seen the final buildings constructed in our portion of the Crossings at Northwest.   Starbuck’s is the latest tenant to open.  At least two more large retail spaces, in between Bob’s Furniture and Here Today, remain to be filled.  Raven Development is working diligently to finish this portion of the project.  We are starting to see significant “spin off” development occurring with the completion and opening of Aldi’s on the long vacant old bowling alley site.  McDonald’s is wrapping up a major rehab.  Surveying of another long vacant property, the old Amoco site, at St. Timothy and the Rock Road has begun.  We believe that additional commercial development will be forthcoming. 

The Board Aldermen, in conjunction with the St. Charles Rock Rd. Transportation Development District, have approved new landscaping that will be going in along the Rock Road in late summer once the weather cools.  In the meantime new seasonal banners and city entrance signs, similar to the one at Adie and the Rock Road, will be going up.  Additional neighborhood street work is under way.  We are finalizing the design work for the resurfacing of Adie Rd. that will have 80% of it paid for with a Federal Grant in 2018.   On August 8, there will be a Special Election to establish a City-Wide Transportation Development District to provide a long term dedicated source of funds through a sales tax to finally make significant headway in fixing our streets. This will be on the ballot as Prop S.   More information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. 

Finally, projects funded by last year’s Park Bond Issue are in full swing.  We have purchased much needed new equipment that is already in use.  Paving work in all parks, except Tiemeyer, will be completed this summer.  The lake renovation project, also at Tiemeyer, is in the process of being bid out with work starting by mid-summer.  This was funded by a Park Grant with our portion coming from the Park Bond Issue.  A new Senior Van has also been ordered and hopefully will be in service by fall. 

Much more work is yet to be done but we have made great progress in revitalizing our commercial base, reinvesting in our parks and have made some but not nearly enough progress in fixing our streets.  We have asked for your support through the Park Bond Issue and Prop L and have been gratified that you have supported our efforts to reinvest in our community.  Together, we will continue to move forward.


Mayor Michael G Corcoran