Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the details of pet registration?
All pets are required to be registered with the City of St. Ann by April 30th of each year. The cost for the tags are $50 for an unaltered pet and $10 for ones that has been spayed / neutered. Proof of surgery and a current rabies vaccination certificate must be provided to city hall or the animal control officer in order to obtain your pets tag. The city has a low-cost vaccination clinic hosted by the Rock Road Animal Hospital in April each year. Details will be posted prior to the event.
2. What is the leash law and what animals are included in this ordinance?
The leash law requires all pets (dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens) to be confined to its own property or under supervision by a responsible adult. You must have control of your pet at all times. This means if you go inside your pet goes too. Please be courteous to others and restrain your pet when people are walking theirs past your home. Many people are intimidated by the approach of another animal and many animals don’t appreciate another coming up on them. If you are walking your dog, be sure to be holding a leash that is attached to your pet. Remember to clean up after them as well.
3. What are the rules regarding  a barking dog?
Barking dogs can be considered a nuisance at any time of day if it is habitual and reoccurring. It is the good neighbor policy to monitor your dog’s barking and bring it inside if it is barking for more than 10 minutes or so. If you are going to leave the house don’t leave the pet outside as there will not be any way to monitor the behavior, and don’t let dogs outside for a long period of time after 10 p.m. as the barking can be considered a peace disturbance.
4. What should I do with the wildlife I found?
Do not engage the animal. Wild animal mothers take naps during the day and their babies come out to explore. At that age the babies are very curious and may walk right up to you. They are not abandoned and as long as you frighten them away or leave them alone they will return to their nest. Often times the babies are big enough to survive on their own and your interference could cause them to be dependent on humans and ultimately their survival will falter.
5. I need to report dog / cat  bite / scratch; what do I do?
Call Animal Control or the Police Department immediately. The animal needs to be quarantined for 10 days. Often this can be done at the owner’s home with little or no legal action. Withholding information is a public safety violation and the county as well as the state may take legal action. Call 314-427-8009 for St. Ann residents.
6. What is the deal with stray cats and feeding them?
It is against St. Ann’s ordinance to feed stray cats. A common misconception is it keeps the rat population down, but this is not true. A cat that has a supply of food put out by a citizen does not have a reason to hunt. Also the leftover food attracts rats and other wildlife. If the cat does hunt, the carcass of the prey often is left on the property of the citizens that do not wish to see it. There is usually no one responsible to vaccinate or spay / neuter these cats, and they carry and transmit diseases to one another and possibly citizens of the City. If you have stray cats in your area please contact our Animal Control Officer. They will able to bring out a live trap and often relocate these animals to a rural area to continue living their lives. This is for their safety as well as for public health and nuisance issues.