Tax Information

Three major taxes provide the majority of revenue for the city. Those are:
  • Property Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Utility Tax
City Sales & Utility Tax Rates
The city levies three local option sales taxes totaling 1.25%.  These are a 1/2% Capital Improvement, a 1/2% Park, and a .25% Economic Development. The State of Missouri, St. Louis County levy additional sales tax amounts.  There are also various special district sales taxes for Transportation Development and Community Improvement. 

The city levies a 6% tax on the gross receipts of providers of electric, water, natural gas and telecommunication services to residential users in the city. The rate is 9% for commercial users. While this tax may show up on your utility bill as "city or St. Ann Tax" the tax is actually on the company that provides the service. The company chooses to pass this cost on to the customer.

Property Tax Rate
The city's 2015 Prperty Tax Rate is $.5150/100 assessed  valuation for residential property, $.4680/100 assessed valuation for commercial property and $.1930/100 assessed valuation for personal property. The vast majority of property taxes levied on a tax bill go to either of the Ritenour or Pattonville School Districts and the Community or West Overland Fire Districts.