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SWIM CLASS INFORMATION                                                              All Child Swim Classes are Cancelled 
(Only parent or legal guardian may enroll minors)

Enroll at pool facility. 
Residents starting March 24th 
Non-Residents Starting March 31st.

*Must have a resident privilege card to get resident rate. You can purchase your resident privilege card from the St. Ann Community Center. (314) 429-4545 for more information.

3311 Ashby Road
St. Ann, MO 63074
(314) 423-6655

You must register 
at pool facility 
for all swim classes. 

In an effort to keep our pools free of fecal matter, babies and toddlers are required to wear swim diapers. This is the safest barrier between your child and the water. These guidelines have been adopted for the health and safety of all swimmers at our facility. 
For your convenience, swim diapers are available for $2 at the front desk. 
Thank you for your cooperation. 


This class is designed to provide comfort in the water.  Children become familiar with the water and have fun.  It is important to understand that this course in not designed to teach children to become swimmers or even survive on their own.  (Required parent/guardian accompaniment in the water)  MIN. 5 Babies

April 21-June 2 (6 weeks)
Saturdays  9:30-10 AM
Fee: Residents: $24
Non Residents: $39
No Class May 26th



This class is designed to give students a positive learning experience.  Elementary aquatic skills & safety practices help the students have a pleasant water experience.   
 (Limit 15 per session) 
Deck observation limited to last day of class.

SESSION I         


April 21-June 2  (6 wks)
Saturdays 10:15-11 AM
Fee: Residents: $24
Non Residents: $39
No Class May 26

(Due to low enrollment Polywogs have combined with School of Fish) 



This program helps reduce the fear of being in and around the water.  Focus on developing swim techniques, safety skills and familiarity of deep water. Children will be tested and placed in groups according to their ability.  (Limit 25 per session)  Deck observation limited to last day of class.
April 21 - June 2 (6 wks)
Saturdays 11:15-12PM
Fee: Residents: $24
Non Residents: $39

No Class May 26th

school of fishs
Classes may be cancelled 1 week prior to start date if there is not at least the minimum number of students who have pre-registered.