Neighborhood Beautification Program

The St. Ann Beautification Committee was formed to work with the community to establish a positive trend toward the improvemet of residential and commercial property values.

An award program was established to recognize those residents who faithfully keep their property in great condition and those who have upgraded their property by correcting previous problems.  Two properties from each Ward are selected as the winners each year.

A post card acknowledgement system was started to recognize homeowners who have displayed hard work and dedication in the maintenance and upkeep of their property.  The list is also used the next year in helping to select the new Award Winners from each Ward.

A new program, Continuous Excellence Award, was initiated in 2016.  This award is given to one resident from each ward who is a past award winner and has maintained their property continually for three years or longer.  Overall maintenance and curb appeal are two of the standards in considering a property for the award.
 The Beautification Committee sponsors a city wide spring clean up by providing large dumpsters at the Public Services facility.
The committee also seeks to  locate those residents who are elderly and disabled who need help with their lawn care and have no family members or friends who can assist them.  This is a one time offer to the get the property cleaned up so it can be maintained by the property owner. 

Assist residents in finding resources.  Click the links below for more information and to see if you qualify.

Community Action Agency of St. Louis County
St. Louis County Home Improvement Program

                                                      Please Be  Aware Of Common Ordinance Violations

                            *    Grass and Weeds in excess of  9" in height - Grass and weeds growing on fence
                            *    Improper storage of firewood
                            *    Improper storage of trash containers-Not having trash service
                            *    Parking vehicles on an unpaved surface
                            *    Parking unlicensed,improperly licensed or derelict vehicles on private or public property

                                 For more detailed information go to Chapter 200 and Chapter 300 of the Municipal Code

                                                                        For More Information Contact:
                                                                               Your Alderman or City Hall
                                                                              City Hall            314-427-8009
                                                                              Parks Dept.      314-429-4545

                                                  Thank you for keeping St. Ann a beautiful place to live